World wide blogging and websites network service. Built by bloggers, for bloggerss

Who we are

We are a team of people which love to do blogging and websites.
Blogging can be cool!

What we do

Simple saying we install, configure and host blogs and webistes

Theme setup

Adapt and setup blog theme, custom, mobile first themes.

Dedicated service

We have customer dedicated support, which can be contacted for instant help.

Setup and install

We can do setup an install of custom blogs from popular blogs like Wordpress, Mongopress, Drupal to custom scripts.

Monitor and alerting

We have monitoring and alerting service which stays 24/24 on guard.


Integrations with 3d party services is also available, we can do twitter, tumblr, facebook and so on.

High quality

We try to do best of our service and try to keep things up.

Get in touch

You can contact use for more details, information, ideas or want to join, drop us a line

  • Address

    101 6th Ave
    New York, 10013
  • Email

    feedback ~at~ xblog.in
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